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March 21, 1955




In 1955 In March, Tainan Spinning got approval of its registration as an incorporated company with limited shares worth NT$7.5 million, the initial registered capital. Mr. Wu, San-Lien, Chairman of the Board, purchased a piece of land of approximately 12 hectares in Houjia, Tainan City, and plant was under construction ever since. In December of the same year, it completed installation of the spinning machines of 10,000 spindles purchased in advance and commenced production.
In 1970 Rende General Mill was built on a piece of land about 18 hectares in area, with spinning machines of 19,872 spindles during the early stage. Its production capacity increased after expansion and renovation for years, currently with spinning machines of 40,864 spindles and Open End Fine Spinning Frames of 2,832 spindles.
In 1973 In autumn, Tainan Spinning started construction of a chemical fiber plant in vicinity of Rende General Mill. The chemical fiber plant started operations in 1976, with a daily productivity of 60 tons of polyester. After years of expansion, the Mill built the second plant with a daily productivity of 390 tons of polyester. The second plant ceased operation in June 2006, and the Mill’s polyester production was then reduced to 210 tons per day.
In 1984 In spring, it acquired Shih-dai Enterprise, a producer of polyester filament, and renamed it as Prince Plant which, measuring 18 hectares in area, kept expanding and then built Prince Plant 2, Prince Plant 3, and a filament yarn plant, with a daily production of 423 tons of polyester filament yarn and 42 tons of polyester textured yarn. Prince Plant 2 ceased operation in March 2006, leading to a reduced daily polyester filament yarn production of 215 tons per day.
In 1986 In February, it acquired Nanyun Spinning and renamed it as Xinshi Mill, measuring 10 hectares in area. It’s originally equipped with the spinning machines of 48,480 spindles which, yet after years of operations, were replaced with the ones of 44,160 spindles. In 1988, the second plant was built, with 45,120 spindles for its spinning machines. In 1992, the third plant was built, with 29,760 spindles. Now, Xinshi General Mill owned three plants, with a total of 119,040 spindles of spinning machines.
In 1989 In January, Wu Hsiou-chi assumed the chairmanship and Vice Chairman Cheng Kao-hui was appointed to also act as the Company’s President. On October 3, Tainan Spinning became a listed company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE), with a total share capital of NT$4.5 billion.
In 1993 In March, President Cheng Kao-hui retired from Tainan Spinning, and at the same time assumed two positions, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the group, and Tainan Spinning then invited Chuang Hsien-hsiung to be the company’s president.
In 1995 In September, Tainan General Mill’s Plant 1 and Plant 2 ceased operation, and their production facilities were then shipped to the proposed Vietnam subsidiary.
In 2000 At year-end, the retained earnings and capital surplus were converted to capital increase, making the total registered capital increase to NT$15,013,380,000.
In 2001 In June, President Hsuang Hsien-hsiung was relieved from his position, succeeded by Huo Po-ming.
In 2003 In February, the company completed buying of treasury stocks and made capital decrease of NT$78,140,000 at the same time. After writing off the nullified shares, the company’s pain-in capital remained at NT$14,935,240,000.
In 2004 In June, Chairman Wu Hsiou-chi was relieved from his chairmanship, succeeded by Cheng Kuo-hui, and President Huo Po-ming was appointed to also act as the group’s vice chairman.
In 2010 Retained earnings of NT$298,704,800 was converted into capital increase, adding the total registered capital to NT$15,233,944,800. 
In 2011 Retained earnings of NT$457,018,340 was converted into capital increase, adding the total registered capital to NT$15,690,963,140.
In 2013 Retained earnings of NT$235,364,440 was converted into capital increase, adding the total registered capital to NT$15,926,327,580.
In 2014 Retained earnings of NT$477,782,420 was converted into capital increase, adding the total registered capital to NT$16,404,117,400.
In 2015 Retained earnings of NT$164,040,000 was converted into capital increase, adding the total registered capital to NT$16,568,158,570.
In August, Mr.Hou Po-ming retired from Tainan Spinning, assumed Vice President, and Tainan Spinning then invited Chen hung-mo to be the company’s General Manager.
In 2016 In June, Chairman Cheng Kuo-hui was relieved from his chairmanship, succeeded by Mr. Huo Po-ming.




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Tainan Spinning Co.


  • Registered location: 511 Yu-nong Rd., East District,
    Tainan 70149, Taiwan, ROC
  • Mailing address: 10F., No.398, Sec. 1, Zhonghua E. Rd., East Dist., Tainan City 701, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    (Tainan Spinning International Building)
  • Tel: 886-6-2376161
  • Fax: 886-6-2361156